About Me

Riccardo Cervini is the President of Dominion Expediting & Consulting Corp. He opened the company in January 2012. Today, the business provides residential and commercial services to the New York area.

Dominion Expediting has been known as an industry leader in providing building/zoning code consulting and municipal permit expediting within New York City, Long Island, and Upstate New York for over a decade.

The Value of Expediting Companies

New York has stringent building codes, and the process is lengthy and involved. An expeditor is a liaison between the property owner and the Department of Buildings, or DOB. 

There are several situations that an expeditor can help with. These include significant interior/exterior renovations and new construction projects. 

Renovations that require permits include those that alter the space add stories, extensions, enlargements, change in occupancy, combining of apartments, add a bathroom, and convert from residential to commercial use fall under this category. 

Renovations that require different trades, such as plumbing and electrical work, also require permits. This type of work can also benefit from an expeditor. 

Of course, new construction requires more permits than renovations. This type of construction is challenging to execute without the services of a seasoned expeditor. 

The expeditor handles application filing, speeding up the permit process. As an expeditor, Cervini and his staff perform several functions. These include reviewing construction drawings, filing permit applications, meeting with municipality representatives, etc. He provides professional advice on what the individual or business needs to do to obtain a permit and explains the building codes and procedures of the governing municipality.

Special permits are sometimes needed from the Department of Environmental Protection, the Fire Department, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and many others.

With his business Dominion Expediting, Riccardo Cervini and his staff help clients navigate the complex permit process. Because permit requirements change quite often, he and his staff stay updated on the latest requirements, whether in NYC, Long Island, or wherever.

Dominion Expediting 

Dominion Expediting is considered an industry leader. The company provides building and zoning code consulting and municipal permit expediting. 

Areas included New York City, Long Island, and Upstate New York. 

Dominion works with architects, engineers, building owners, contractors, developers, and tenants. Their goal is to speed up the process of obtaining necessary construction permits, which allows the buildings to be occupied as soon as possible. 

They have the necessary knowledge and experience to be leaders in their field. They are also highly attuned to the needs of their clients. 

Dominion is proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB. The business received accreditation in 2017. 

Their strong commitment to expert service has not only given them an A+ rating. It also ensured that the BBB received no complaints about the business. 

Qualifications and Licensing 

Cervini has worked hard to obtain all the necessary qualifications and licenses to head Dominion Expediting. 

These include:

● NYC DOB Class 2 Code and Zoning Representative License 

● NYC FDNY Expeditor License

● Suffolk County Health Department Expeditor License

● Brookhaven Expeditor License

NYC DOB Class 2 Code and Zoning Representative License 

Over half of all Expeditors in New York City have the lower Class 1 qualification. A Class 2 certification helps speed up the approval/permit process.

Class 2 representatives, like Riccardo Cervini, can meet with plan examiners and technical staff to discuss the project's nature on a technical level. This allows questions and comments to be resolved quickly, eliminating bureaucratic delays. Approvals/permits can be obtained much faster when working with an experienced expeditor with a Class 2 license.

NYC FDNY Expeditor License

The NYC FDNY Expeditor License allows Dominion Expediting to work closely with the fire department. 

Suffolk County Health Department Expeditor License

The Suffolk County Health Department issues Health Department Expeditor Licenses. This licensing procedure helps to protect the health of New York residents. 

Brookhaven Expeditor License

The Town of Brookhaven issues an Expeditor license for dealing with the building dept daily. This licensing procedure helps protects New York residents.


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