5 Keys to Leadership

Riccardo Cervini

March 21, 2023


Many factors can contribute to leadership success. But these five keys are essential to building and maintaining the right attitude and behavior for successful leadership.

Authentic leaders are genuine and share their true selves with others. They’re open and vulnerable about challenges they may be facing or have experienced in the past.

Define your vision

Defining your vision is the first step to becoming an effective leader. Great leaders know how to articulate their vision, communicate it clearly and effectively, and build a team supporting it.

Leadership visions create shared meaning, a picture that everyone can understand and agree on. They can also inspire people to believe in a common goal and take action toward it.

Creating your leadership vision requires time and practice but is worth the effort. Developing and articulating your vision will become the driving force behind every decision you make and action you take.

Build a team

Whether you’re a manager or a team leader, building a great team is essential to your job. A strong team helps you get things done faster and allows your company runs better and more efficiently.

Effective teams are built with a solid foundation of shared values and goals, open communication, trust, and collaboration. They’re also designed to stand the test of time.

Creating a healthy team culture requires bold leadership, clear communication, and a willingness to push boundaries. Making a unified and successful team is not easy, but it’s worth the effort.

Create a mission statement

A company’s mission statement is a key element that guides everything from hiring employees to business planning. It’s also a great way to reinforce your core values and boost employee morale.

To create a good mission statement, define your key market and contribution. This includes what you offer and how your products or services solve a problem for that market.

Then, identify a group of crucial people who will help you develop the statement–from managers and employees to board members, investors, and vendors. Ask them what they think the information should say and encourage feedback from everyone.

Communicate your vision

One of the most important leadership skills is communicating your vision effectively. This skill can be challenging to develop, but it is essential for effective leadership.

Once you have a clear vision, it is crucial to communicate that vision consistently and with everyone in the company. This will help them understand where your company is going and how they can contribute to achieving that goal.

You can communicate your vision through presentations, team meetings, emails, and informal conversations. It is also helpful to use different communication channels for different audiences and types of information.


Delegation is an important part of effective leadership. It can help you build strong relationships with your team members and foster a positive work environment.

Successful delegating leaders follow a specific process before transferring tasks and responsibilities to an employee. This way, they develop confidence in their skills and abilities while building trust in their employees.

However, it’s important to remember that a good manager should still monitor and control the work. This doesn’t mean that they need to micromanage their team member. Still, they should check in periodically to ensure the delegated task is completed successfully.